Monday, January 18, 2010

Southern Word of the Week - Swig

(v.) Can I get a swig of your coke?
(n.) Do you have a swig left in your glass so I can take this medicine?

A swig is either taking a sip of a drink or how much you have left in your cup or can.  My grandmother would also use swaller (like swallow) the same way.  "Can I have some of that?  I just need a swaller."

The other day someone used swig and it was an odd usage, not that they didn't do it right, but it wasn't something I expected to hear from them.

Do you use swig, or is there another regional word thats similar?

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Coyadre said...

I remember hearing my grandmother and mother use "swig" all the time! My grandmother use to also call the little bit of liquid left in your glass the "drugs" for some reason. Strange, I know.

Memories :)