Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snow in the South

Today Birmingham is a abuzz about this snow thing.  Some of you not from the South may not know how we deal with it down here, so I am here to enlighten.

When we first hear talk of snow on the news a week out many people shrug it off and kinda dismiss it; it is a great way for people to watch the news at noon, 6 and 10pm.  But as it creeps up on the date and the forcast still predicts it people start going into panic mode.  Milk and bread fly off store shelves, I assume that milk sandwiches are a delicacy during power outages and during threats of snow.  Of course you must have milk for snow ice cream (Fresh, clean snow, and a bit of vanilla to taste and milk to thin it out into a slush) and you must have bread for sandwiches.

People panic to the point that even right now one school system has said they would be closed tomorrow and Friday, and the snow is at least 24 hours from even showing itself in Alabama.  Schools let out sometimes when the see snow, see snow stick and sometimes just because it is threating.  A few times my school was canceled because it was "too cold."  Of course some peopole aren't as concerned with the weather as much as the National Championship game with James Spann getting threats if he breaks in with weather info. 

Also, if a Southerner mentions a blizzard to you (especially the Blizzard of '93) please don't laugh.  A snow storm or any accumulation will often shut down a city. We just don't often have to deal with it so we don't have the equipment and knowledge we need when it does snow every 2 to 3 years.  One northern transplant said even he wouldn't get on the roads down here, even though he was used to it becuase of all the people who were driving crazy. 

So if it snows enjoy and if it doesn't stay warm, don't run generators indoors, make sure you have milk and bread, and make sure pets are warm and safe.  Oh, and don't forget to wear your toboggan.

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Mama Hen said...

I am siting on ready. Going to cook some veggie soup today and wait for the snow. My kids are too excitied.

I am enjoying your posts. I do a Friday Links and this Friday I am planning on linking to you.

Rachel said...

Tee hee :) Milk Sandwiches. You crack me up.