Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Southern Weddings

Many weddings up North, and around the world have huge, elaborate ceremony's and a reception that's even more elaborate.  Sit down dinners, open (or cash) bar and a live band or D.J. to cap the night off.  Down here, it's not always like that.  Don't get me wrong, I've been to plenty of weddings here that meet some of these qualifications, but many more don't.

Down here you get to the wedding and it is usually pretty full of music and a some very nice stories of the Bride and Groom, more music and you are usually walking or driving to the reception in about 30 minutes.  At the reception you have a few options: cake, mints, nuts, sherbet and ginger ale/lemon-lime punch.  At the fancier weddings you'll have some additions: fruit, meatballs, and chicken fingers all buffet style.  Catholic weddings usually have the additions above as well as beer, wine and a D.J.

The thing I like about weddings in the South is the fellowship with the wedding party.  At sit down dinner weddings you get placed by folks you sometimes don't know and the only thing y'all have in common is knowing one or the other person getting married.  At Southern weddings you get to see everyone, and that everyone may only be 50 people. 

If you do get married anywhere I suggest a receiving line. It may make some of your guests uncomfortable, but it leaves you more free for the rest of the reception because you've already spoken to everyone once. 

Got a wedding story or comment?  Post them in the comments.

NOTE : I know that niether Ronald Reagan nor his wife were from the South, but it is a copyright free picture of a wedding and I thought it worked.

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