Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Coke - Soft Drinks - Soda

In the South you can ask for Sweet Tea, lemonade or three fingers of Jack Daniel's without any problems, but when you ask for a Coke some folks will ask you what kind. 

This confuses some people, not often at resturants, but at private homes they will often ask what kind you'd like. "A Coke," could be your answer but down here a Coke is any soft drink.  My wife often asks for a Coke and when I'll ask her what kind she'll say, "I don't care" meaning any soft drink will do. 

A Coke is synonomis with a soda but you'll find few people to say that down here.  It's a very yankee thing to say and you'll probably get looked at weird.  It's just something we grew up with and it's part of what makes us Southern.

Got any Coke/Soda stories?  Share them in the comments.

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