Thursday, January 7, 2010

Game Day Drinks

Here are a few drink recipes I thought some of you may enjoy.  If you are underage please only drink cokes and sweet tea!

Alabama Slammer (shots for 4)
1 shot Sloe Gin
1 shot Amaretto
1 shot SoCo
1 shot OJ

Shake with ice and strain into 4 shot glasses.  Enjoy!

Yellow Hammer
The Mother of All Gameday Drinks, THE YELLOW HAMMER- This is the ultimate gameday drink for a real Bama fan. This is my ultimate favorite and I usually drank one before every game during my student days at UA. This drink can only be bought at a bar called Galette’s and since open container laws apparently do not apply during gamedays don’t worry about walking to and fro with your beverage in hand. The Yellow Hammers ingredients remain a mystery but as far as I can tell this is the list. Pinapple, orange, banana juice, Vodka, Light Rum, Geradine, a splash more of orange juice and a splash of Gin. Top it with a cherry and you are good to go! There is no better way to get pumped up to cheer on the Tide!
Just for fun:
The Bear Bryant

A friend of mine originally from Tuscaloosa said it isn't gameday unless you have some bourbon and Coke.  I have my Old Crow waiting.

What're y'all doing for the game?  Let me know in the comments

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