Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Barbecue - Part 1

If somebody tells me to come over for barbecue, or a barbecue, I expect slow cooked pork butt or ribs.  I have learned now to ask if it is a grill out with hamburgers, hot dogs or brats.  All too often the latter is what the gracious, yet somewhat misinformed host actually meant.

Barbecue or BBQ, in the South means to cook meat slowly in a smoker or via an indirect heat method outside.  Typically it is done in a pit or on a smoker usually with hickory in my neck of the woods.  If you are simply cooking burgers and dogs then that is a "cook out" or you are "grilling." 

Barbecue is barbecue and everybody thinks their recipe, or dad's or uncle's, is the best.  People take it seriously, very seriously.  If you don't belive me just check out the new TLC series starting tomorrow (12/03/2009) Barbecue Pitmasters

I really enjoy smoking.  I typically do ribs with my own secret rub but have not conquered sauce yet so to some racks I add Big Bob Gibson's Red Sauce to the ribs for the last 30 or so minutes on the smoker. 

So remember, if you are grilling out please use the appropriate term.  It ain't barbecue unless it's low and slow.

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Rachel said...

Barbeque IS a very puzzling word. I was brought up like you: I thought the word was referring directly to meat: Pork, smoked and pulled, doused in barbeque sauce.

Then, we'll be watching House Hunters International, and the foreign realtor will say, "and here is the bah b que..."

And I'm like, "WHAT??" and then I realize she's talking about a grill.

Who calls a grill the name of a meat? It's like referring to the oven as "the cake".

Crazy people.

Aristocob said...

I agree! Here's an education video from Youtube that should be helpful.