Thursday, December 24, 2009

Southern Word of the Week - Toboggan

(n.)It's cold outside boy, go put a toboggan on your head.

(n.)I just got a new John Deere toboggan to keep my ears and head warm.

A toboggan is a knit hat, usually covering the head and ears. A toboggan is not a sled, at least it isn't south of the Mason-Dixon (unless they're from Maryland). Those from the north will sometimes ask why you want to wear a sled on our head, but if they are in the South ignore them.

In.the rare case we go up to Maine, New York or the like, we'll call our toboggan a "winter hat." Otherwise a toboggan is a toboggan, and a sled is a sled. "correcting" us is like telling someone from the U.K. they should not call french fries chips.

So wear your toboggan with pride and don't let anyone make fun of you for calling it as such.

Merry Christmas! Happy (belated) Hanukkah! Happy New Year! Look out for changes and improvements to Okra Cola in 2010!

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