Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barbecue - Part 2

So now that we know what barbecue actually is we have to go over the finer points of BBQ joints.  Everybody claims to know of or live near the "best" BBQ joint ever.  Now this place may not be somewhere you've heard of, do not fear; I have seldom had bad barbecue and seldom had good barbecue at a nice restaurant.  It's called a joint for a reason.

My favorite joint is up the road from me a bit and it is Leo and Susie's Famous Green Top Barbecue.  A place I've been eating since I've been able to eat solid food and walk.  Knowing how peoples allegiances lie in the barbecue world I refrain from saying it's the "best" but do recommend it to everyone I talk to.  I have had Top Hat in Hayden and enjoyed it and even had really good barbecue in HARLEM!  Yes Harlem and the bartender even fixed me some sweet tea.  It is good stuff, if you ever can get there Dinosaur Barbecue is it. 

I'm bound to get a "my joint is better than yours" in the comments, but I'd rather have suggestions.  Just give us a link or at least the name and city it is in or near.

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Steve, Journeyman Geezer said...

And don't forget BBQ music!!