Thursday, April 22, 2010

Southern Word of the Week - 'Maters

(n.) Son, go out and cut me two of them 'maters from the garden
(n.) These 'maters sure are juicy. 

'Maters are tomatoes.  Just about every Southerner I know has their own 'mater plant whether they have a green thumb or not. 

And why not?  They are really easy to grow and you can do it in a large pot on your back porch.  Just give it lots of sun and lots of water and you'll be growing 'maters in no time!  We recently bought a Topsy Turvy so I'll try to let y'all in on how that works after the first few tomatoes are harvested.

Last year I did a Brandywine heirloom tomoato and it was one of the most flavorful ones I'd ever tasted!  Some people have their own favorite variety so just get what looks and sounds good.  If you're patient you can make one of the best things to eat on a summer afternoon or evening, a 'mater sandwich.

Got tips for growing tomatoes or any other tomato facts?  Put 'em in the comments!

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Toto said...

Ah yes ... I currently live in the city ... Second floor of an apartment building with no balcony. I have a 'mater plant on a flower pot. :) I have a cousin in Seatal Wahongtom growing 'maters and a few ears of corn in a bucket in his apartment ... Haha

you can take the girl (or boy) out of the country but ya just can't take the country out of a girl's heart!

How is the upside down tomatoes doing?