Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

We start noshing on Wednesday evening with my Grandparents-in-law for a non-traditional meal, and then Thursday at lunch for a more traditional meal and Friday I'm cooking and having my folks over so this will probably be the last post of the week.

This is the first Thanksgiving I've ever done at my house but I'm not too worried.   I'm smoking a turkey (not grilling or BBQing it, more on those definitions later) and my wife is cooking the old standby of green bean casserole which I actually like since my family didn't cook it very often.  Mom and Dad are bringing seven layer salad, spinach dip and a pecan pie.

So since I have to work for a bit on Friday and can't start the fire until about 9:00am Mom and Dad are coming around noon to snack on spinach dip and Bloody Mary's.  I like Bloody Mary's especially before a cold football game and after having one at Pat O's in NOLA I like to fix mine like theirs.  It seems like they put every pickled veggie in there: olives, pickled okra, pickled green beans and maybe even a pickled onion.  I have also had them where they rimmed the glass in a spice mixture.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it and hanging out and watching what is shaping up to be a very interesting Iron Bowl. 

If you are going to fry a Turkey this week please read these safety tips!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Make sure you give thanks for you have and sometimes we should give thanks for what we don't have.  I'm thankful for my wife and daughters, all of my family and in-laws, my music friends and all of y'all for reading the blog!

What are you serving or fixing for the holiday?  Do y'all have weird traditions or food for Thanksgiving?  What are you thankful for?  Share recipes and blessings in the comments.  Peace.

ADDITION (12/14/2009)
Stuffing is in the bird, dressing is made in a dish like a casserole.  Stove Top stuffing can be made into dressing, but please don't call it stuffing unless it is stuffed into something.  You can have Stove Top stuffing/dressing, cornbread stuffing/dressing and even oyster stuffing/dressing; there are many regional differences.  My family hardly made stuffing from scratch so that is probably why I didn't mention it to begin with or have strong feelings about it.  Thanks Tim (Martha) for the reminder!

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Stacie.Brown66 said...

I *just* picked up a Honeybaked ham from the store in Vestavia (man, those folks know how to move people through a line!) and I'm making my corn-bread dressing-and-gravy, a green-bean casserole for my hubby George who specifically asked for one, and I'm thinking I might make a squash casserole also. Mmmmm, I can hardly wait 'til Thanksgiving!

Martha said...

I am surprised that you didn't mention specifically the necessity of cornbread "dressin'" (NOT gooey whitebread stuffing) at any self-respecting Southern Thanksgiving.

Neat blog, though! I'm an Ozark Mountain boy, but visited Alabama once.

Tim J. said...

Sorry, that last comment was me.

Tim J.
"Old World Swine"

Drew said...

Tim (if that is your real name) I would've but then we have the regional thing with Louisiana and oyster stuffing/dressing.

Just didn't want to start things. I am about to make a small edit/addition along those lines shortly.