Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Southern Word of the Week - Comeapart

A comeapart is almost like a nervous breakdown but usually not quite as severe.

(n.) It started raining on her weddin' day and I thought she was gonna have a comeapart.

It's one of those words that you can understand by the context its used in. I used it sometime in the past year but after it came out of my mouth it surprised me since few people I come in contact with ever use the phrase. I do like how it sounds though. 

Thanks to my virtual friend Jamie for using this in a Facebook post and reminding me of this term.

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Rachel said...

I understand the comeapart well. I can feel one coming on about 30 minutes in advance.

Carol said...

Oh yes, love the comeapart! LOL Glad to see the term is still in usage. I probably have a comeapart once a week, at least. Nice to meet you on Friday.