Thursday, February 4, 2010

Regional Tastes - Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale

Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale is a Golden Ginger Ale which is darker in color and much stronger in flavor compared to dry ginger ale (Canada Dry, Schweppes, etc.).  It was created and has been in production in some way-shape-or form since 1901!  I know it is distributed in Birmingham by the Buffalo Rock company, but I have know idea of the brands reach in the Southeast.  

I really have just found a taste and liking for it lately, but know people who's grandmaw's swore by it.  Any time they had a stomach ache or felt bad, Buffalo Rock came to the rescue.  I also know many Otherners and locals who have tasted it and thought it was too much ginger for their tastes.  I have to admit that the first few times I tried it I coughed from inhaling too much before the first swig.

I think I developed a taste for it because of my very British grandmother that ate candied ginger and loved ginger beer (which hasn't got a lick of alcohol in it by the way).

So what's your regional taste?  Got a drink, snack, or dish that is very specific to your region?  Shoot me an email (Drew [at] Okra Cola (dot) com) and we may have you do a guest post on it.

Do you have a Buffalo Rock story?  Tell us about it in the comments.

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Stacie Brown Griffin said...

Oh Lord, love me some Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale! I'm like grandmaw - it's the cure for any type of stomach upset. Or emotional upset even. :-) I've gotten to the point that I can't drink Canada Dry or Schweps ginger ales, they taste like water to me.

Janie said...

My mom was always "Have some ginger ale" when my stomach hurt. I guess it was the British coming out in her too. I like it, but never buy it. It's always my airplane ride treat. (Don't know how that started, but it just is.) I'll have to give this one a try!

Drew said...

Stacie, I don't mind them, but I don't really prefer them either.

Janie, it is also my airplane drink. I drink it pretty seldom, but it is my go-to drink when I'm flying. I do also enjoy the occasional bloody mary in the air as well.

Mrs. Jennifer said...

Oh gracious, it's my grandmother's-in-law cure all!
I should give you our whole list of "Meme-isms". It would keep your blog going for years.

Amber Goodwin said...

I LOVE me some Buffalo Rock Ginger Ale and yes, it has come to the rescue for many a stomach aches for me!!!
And Canada Dry or Schweps, that stuff's for sissies!