Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Southern Word of the Week - Tump


(v.)Billy, did you tump over (spill or tilt at a severe angle) your glass of milk?
(v.)When the game was over they tumped the Gatorade bucket on the coaches head.

Many things can be tumped over but has to be at least the size of a drinking glass.  You can't really tump over a shot glass or a thimble full of liquid.  Dump trucks can be tumped though, especially on the highway.

I just had a friend say that tump is a combination of the turn over and dump; that should make it easier to remember.  Tump, tell me an interesting way you've heard this word used in the comments.  Thanks Dennis L!

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Stacie.Brown66 said...

My crazy cat was racing around the house (as cats sometimes do to get rid of excess energy) and he bumped George's guitar stand, which caused his guitar to TUMP over onto the floor.